Based on science of personality, we help you understand your people better for
acquisition and development

Talent Acquisition

Make better people decisions and avoid costly mistakes during recruitment

Reduce Turnover
Reduce Turnover

Identify performance risks before you hire a candidate

Hire The Best
Hire the Best

Instantly eliminate unqualified candidates and uncover the best

Go Beyond Resumes
Go Beyond Resumes

Instantly eliminate unqualified candidates and uncover the best

Connect The Dots
Connect the Dots

Learn how candidates approach problems and think tactically

Talent Development

Make better people decisions and ensure effective use of resources during development

Maximize Value
Maximize Value

Spend less time administrating and more time developing

Play The Long Game
Play the Long Game

Use individual development to achieve sustainable growth

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Streamline processes with easy-to-use self-guided reports

Unify Objectives
Unify Objectives

Create targeted development plans aligned with corporate goals


Bg Tav Hi

Human Intelligence

trusting in your intuition or “gut instinct”.

Bg Ai Tav

Artificial Intelligence

science-based algorithms for data-driven analysis.

The best people decisions use both HI + AI!
Leverage the power of AI to make better people decisions!


  • Business success depends on making good decisions about money and people.
  • Our assessments provide an unbiased and scientific basis for making informed decisions about people.
  • Using data to support decisions about people is always best practice
  • 35+ years of validated research and leads the world in personality assessment and leadership development
Hogan By The Numbers


Hogan Assessments is a high-trust global leading organization specializing in talent assessments 
for talent acquisition and talent development. 
Talent Assessments Vietnam (a member of PACE) is an authorized partner of Hogan to distribute Hogan products and to provide services in support of Hogan’s products in Vietnam.

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Hogan analyzes candidate data against millions of data warehouses from businesses worldwide.